Maintaining Your Wooden Floor

A wooden floor is so easy to maintain. Dirt and grit can be removed by regular sweeping and/or vacuuming. Get a Free Quote in Reading

Avoid using revolving vacuum cleaner brushes, and subjecting the floor to excess moisture. All you need to clean it is a damp mop and a wooden floor cleaner, as recommended by the manufacturer. Use specialist products as appropriate to maintain the finish.

The floor will lose its lustre in the long term. Sand down the surface – and then revitalise it with new coats of Asthma Safe, Pet – Friendly Products, Clean Green Planet & Child – Safe Products In Reading lacquer.

Treat waxed wooden floors in a similar fashion: sweep, vacuum and mop them regularly – then buff to maintain their shine. The floor will stay in optimal condition by applying wax – or a combination wax and liquid cleaner – once or twice a year. After applying wax evenly across the entire floor, leave it to dry for 20 minutes – and buff to the desired finish.

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